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United Against Online Abuse

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A Global Call to Action

The United Against Online Abuse campaign is more than just a mission; it’s a resounding call for global unity against digital threats within the sports ecosystem. Initiated by the FIA, the world motorsport federation, this collaborative endeavor unites national governments, regulatory institutions, and fellow sports bodies, converging under the banner of a shared purpose.

United Against Online Abuse website design layout.

The Foundation: Three Pillars of Purpose

The United Against Online Abuse campaign is fortified by three essential pillars, each embodying a core principle:

1. Stronger Together: The bedrock of success lies in the unity of the global sports ecosystem to combat online abuse. This partnership becomes a powerful, unwavering presence across all platforms. It’s a collective front against digital hostility.

2. Evidence-Based: Knowledge is the catalyst for change. The FIA University conducts and publishes groundbreaking research, delving into the largely unexplored territory of online abuse in sport. This initiative provides a platform for knowledge sharing, education, and prevention, where information becomes the linchpin of change.

3. Committed to Action: In this initiative, the power of words is transformed into concrete action. The campaign aspires to create an international coalition, a forum where all relevant stakeholders come together to discuss, agree, and advance tangible solutions. The focus is on legal prosecutions and offering support to the victims through relevant after-care.

Dovetail Consultancy’s Role: Transforming United Against Online Abuse Vision into Reality

Dovetail Consultancy played a pivotal role in bringing this campaign to life, working at the intersection of branding and digital transformation. Here’s how Dovetail has been instrumental:

Logo Identity and Branding Guidelines: Crafting a compelling identity that symbolizes unity and resilience, creating branding guidelines that ensure a consistent look and feel throughout the campaign’s materials.

Website Launch: The launch of www.unitedagainstonlineabuse.com, a digital hub where the global community can access information, insights, and resources.

Digital Assets: Designing engaging social media posts and crafting impactful press releases, amplifying the campaign’s reach and engagement.

Charter Creation: Developing a Charter for member organizations to sign, making a public commitment to stand united against online abuse.

Signage: Crafting printed signage for photo calls and backdrops, reinforcing the campaign’s visual identity at events and public appearances.

Website SEO: Enhancing the website’s search engine optimization, ensuring that the message reaches a broader audience and resonates more effectively.

Project Management: The entire campaign, from inception to rollout, has been under the expert project management of Dovetail Consultancy, ensuring a seamless execution that aligns with the campaign’s mission and values.

The United Against Online Abuse campaign, propelled by Dovetail Consultancy’s expertise in branding, digital transformation, and project management, is a remarkable example of the power of unity and commitment. This global call to action stands as a testament to the transformative impact of a well-executed campaign, shining a light on a crucial issue and inspiring collective change.

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