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Celebrating 30 Years of Progress with Digital Transformation

In 2017, as GCN, one of Ireland’s leading LGBT news magazines, marked its 30th anniversary, they embarked on a remarkable journey of rebranding and digital rejuvenation. Dovetail Consultancy was privileged to undertake the complete redesign and development of their website, www.gcn.ie. This venture proved to be transformative, earning the esteemed Irish Magazines Awards 2017 Digital Product of the Year in Consumer Media.

A Digital Evolution: The GCN Rebirth

Website Redesign: The heart of this transformation was the website itself. A digital portal to the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland, it was meticulously redesigned to match the vibrant spirit of GCN‘s mission and the energy of their 30th birthday celebration.

Content Management System (CMS): To empower the GCN team, a full CMS system was seamlessly integrated into the website. This powerful tool allows GCN writers and editors to effortlessly manage and publish content, ensuring that the latest news and stories reach their audience promptly.

Revenue Optimization: Recognizing the importance of financial sustainability, an advertising platform was thoughtfully incorporated. GCN now has the autonomy to manage display advertisements throughout the website, creating a significant revenue stream that supports their vital work.

Enhanced User Experience: The website’s visitor experience was elevated with a refined internal search facility. This feature makes information easily accessible and user-friendly, allowing visitors to find what they need swiftly.

Live Social Media Integration: In the age of real-time updates, live social media feeds were introduced, ensuring that visitors remain in the know and connected to the latest happenings. This addition also created a sense of community, uniting like-minded individuals.

An Iconic Milestone

The transformation of GCN.ie was more than a digital facelift; it was a testament to the magazine’s enduring commitment to the LGBTQ+ community. GCN’s 30th birthday became a symbol of progress and resilience, reflecting Ireland’s evolving attitudes and inclusivity.

A Digital Legacy of Equality

Dovetail Consultancy’s role in this project was to turn a website into a legacy. The new GCN.ie is not just a digital platform; it’s a testament to the progress of the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland, an embodiment of resilience, and a promise of an inclusive future. It stands as a digital monument to 30 years of unwavering commitment to the cause of equality.

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