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Transforming Heterochem – A 40-Year Milestone in Brand Evolution

For four decades, Heterochem, a global supplier of raw materials, has been the cornerstone of industry, delivering essential materials to a wide spectrum of businesses. In honor of its 40th year in business, Heterochem embarked on a transformative journey, redefining its brand identity. Dovetail Consultancy took the helm, steering this evolution to create a brand that was as modern as it was reflective of its heritage.

The Journey of Rebranding

Heterochem Logo Evolution: Central to this transformation was the reimagining of Heterochem’s logo. Dovetail Consultancy retained the essence of the existing logo, preserving its heritage, and introduced a modern twist. The logo identity, font, and brand color palette underwent a significant shift. The primary colors chosen were more than just a visual change; they were a reflection of Heterochem’s commitment to an ecological and sustainable image.

Sub-Brands: Heterochem’s diverse operations were highlighted through the creation of three distinct sub-brands, each representing a division of the company. These sub-brands under the main mother brand helped communicate Heterochem’s range of services, including Life Sciences, Ingredients, and Industrial.

Digital Transformation: Dovetail Consultancy took the digital front by storm, launching a brand-new website (www.heterochem.com). This digital hub served as a portal to access information, insights, and resources, providing a modern and engaging user experience.

Design and Artwork: The campaign extended to the physical world with the creation of design and finished artwork for building signage, marketing materials, exhibition stand graphics, and video post-production. These elements reinforced the campaign’s visual identity, allowing it to leave an indelible mark on every touchpoint.

Rollout Consistency: The rollout of the new brand identity was consistently implemented by Dovetail Consultancy online and offline, ensuring cross-channel consistency and a unified brand presence.

A Pillar of Raw Material Supply

Heterochem’s commitment to the supply of approved specialty chemicals has been unwavering since its establishment in 1982. Over the years, the company has grown to become the raw materials supplier of choice, not just in Ireland and the UK but globally. Its dedication to quality and innovation has earned it a remarkable reputation in the industry.

The Dovetail Effect

Dovetail Consultancy’s role in this transformative journey stands as a testament to the power of branding and digital transformation. The new face of Heterochem not only reflects its rich heritage but also aligns with its vision for the future – a future that is sustainable, ecological, and forward-looking. This journey illustrates the transformative impact of a well-executed campaign, one that celebrates a significant milestone and propels a brand into a new era of excellence.

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