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Cookie Policy

By browsing this website, you accept the site’s cookies. These cookies allow us to assess how many people are visiting the site and provide anonymous statistical frequency data. Accessing social networking sites from this website may also require the use of cookies.


By browsing the website, one or more cookies may be stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. This section helps you better understand how cookies work and how to set your internet browsers to manage them well.

1 – Definitions

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the hard drive of your computer when you visit a website or view an ad. Cookies are managed by your web browser. They are designed to collect information about your visits to websites and to offer you personalised services, but they cannot be used to recover data from your hard drive, install viruses or access your personal information.

Different potential issuers

Cookies from (first-party cookies): Our website stores these cookies on your device in order to meet browsing and optimisation needs for our website.

Third-party cookies: These cookies are set by third-party companies, such as service providers or partners. For example:

Web pages can contain components stored on other domain servers (images or other embedded content: YouTube videos, Flickr slideshows, etc.). These websites can set their own cookies when users access these external components during web browsing.

Websites can use the services of a third party company to analyse their audience. The company defines its own cookie to carry out this service.

Websites can also use a third party advertising network to broadcast ads. This website does not use any advertising service.

Social networking sites can set cookies for content sharing or to generate access statistics when you click on “sharing buttons”.

2 – Different types of cookies used on

Various types of cookies are used on this website, each with different purposes.

Required cookies and cookies that improve your browsing experience:

These cookies are required for the functioning of the website and are set by They enable you to use the main features of the site (e.g. session cookies, language preference cookies). They record information about your browsing on the website using the computer on which the cookies are stored and are not kept for more than one month.

Cookies that are essential for the use of the website have the following functions:

Session ID
Cookie management
Language/country preferences
Profile settings


ASP.NET_ => SessionId Verifies the session status. Controlled by ASP.NET (.net framework).
ASPXAUTH => Verifies that the user is authenticated.
disclaimer_user_type => For all disclaimers. Allows the disclaimer to be displayed or hidden.

Cookies related to external components : External components are likely to set cookies, for example YouTube. Please view the cookies policy of the relevant websites.

Audience analysis cookies: These cookies are stored for statistical purposes. In particular, we record the number of page views, the number of visits, as well as visitor activity on the website and the number of times people return, using AT Internet® solutions. These cookies are not stored for more than 13 months.
“Audience analysis cookies” used by the website (set by


idrxvr => Audience analysis
tmst => Audience analysis

Social network cookies : Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are likely to set cookies. The presence, number and status of these cookies depends on your use of these platforms before and during your visit to the website. Please view the cookies policy of the relevant social networking sites.

3 – Managing cookies

Monitoring and deleting : If you would like to change the way your browser uses cookies, or to disable cookies, you can do so in your browser settings.

Most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies, to accept only certain types of cookies, or ask you each time a website wants to store a cookie. They also allow you to delete cookies stored on your computer.
In order to manage cookies in the way that best meets your needs, you can change your browser settings based on its configuration to control or prevent cookies from being stored:

Internet Explorer™: Tools Menu > Internet Options > Privacy (See
Safari™: Safari Menu > Preferences > Privacy (See
Chrome™: Chrome Menu (tools) > Settings > Show advanced settings > Privacy > Content settings > Cookies (See
Firefox™: Tools menu > Options > Privacy > History > Cookies (See
Opera™: Preferences > Advanced > Cookies (See

Personal data

You may freely visit this website and access the information on the organization and services of Dovetail Consultancy Limited without having to provide any personal data in order to do so.


You may need to use a password to access certain parts of the website. In that event, access to those parts without using a password is strictly prohibited. If you have received such a password, this must remain confidential and secret. Any use of our services after valid identification using your password will be taken to be used by you. Dovetail Consultancy Limited has the right to cancel your password if the website’s security is threatened.

Changes to these terms

We reserve the right to amend the terms of this Policy at any time. All such changes will take effect once they have been posted on the website and you will be deemed to have accepted any such changes by your use of the website from time to time.


If any provision of these Terms is found by a court or regulator to be invalid of unenforceable the other provisions shall continue to apply.

Governing law and jurisdiction

This website is governed by and is to be interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland.  The courts of Ireland will have exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any dispute which may arise in connection with the Terms or your use of this website.  This Policy was last updated on December 7, 2015.